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Symbol of connection IKON is a combination of physical and digital worlds. It is a piece of jewellery with unique qr-code, that links to a personal web-safe.

IKON is designed as a gift between loved ones, that symbolically brings them closer together and allows them to share their emotions and sentiments in a digital way.

Follow easy steps and create online modern blessings for your loved one: such as best wishes, inside jokes or secret family recipes - you know better what - in form of audio, video, picture or text.

Give designed IKON to your loved one as a key to your emotions.

gold IKON.

gold IKON.

rhodium IKON.

rhodium IKON.

silver IKON.

More than ever, people live far away from one another, and binding symbols are lacking. People need meaningful objects, such as heirlooms, mementos, keepsakes to maintain a connection.

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